1 to 1 Lessons

My offer is to help you improve your English for any purpose: e.g. for a current or future job, academic studies, travel, family or leisure purposes.  I will work with you to tailor a course which is built around the English that you want to learn.

For some students this may just be general conversation, for others a more structured course is required building up to an exam, an interview or a presentation.

- Lessons - 

We begin by discussing and analysing your needs, your current level and your goals. We decide together how much time we will spend on job or goal-specific English and how much on general English.  

My teaching is focused on conversation, supplemented by writing, reading and listening exercises.  The benefit of 1 to 1 sessions is that you get to speak throughout the lesson and always with a native speaker who is attentive to your language development.

Student input is essential and I invite students to share their interests and their knowledge in the lessons.  I will then compliment this by teaching you the linguistic forms that you need for the situations that you find yourself in. 

Feedback is continuous and begins straight away.  In every lesson I will provide you with advice regarding your common mistakes and the aspects of the language which you need to work on.

As the teaching progresses I adjust and tailor the course to suit your progress.

- Location, Timing and Price - 

I am based in Schöneberg, Berlin and lessons are normally held in my apartment. Other locations are possible but will typically involve an additional fee.

It is particularly true of 1 to 1 teaching that success comes more easily when there is a good relationship between the student and the teacher.  For each new student I therefore offer a 45 minute free introductory session where we can discuss your language needs and your level and see how we can work together.  

After that my lessons are typically 90 minutes long and are either once or twice a week. Once I know your specific learning requirements and the frequency and timescale of the lessons that you require, I will provide you with a quotation.

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