Group Lessons

My offer is to help improve the English of the people in your organisation or your business. I will work with you to tailor a course which is built around the English that you want to learn.

We begin by discussing and analysing your needs, your current level and your goals. I then build a course to take you where you want to get to as quickly as possible.

- Content of the Course -

Each course is tailored to the specific needs of the group. At the beginning we decide together what proportion of our time we spend on goal specific English and on general English. Goal specific English may be tailored towards for example: attending meetings, writing emails, making telephone calls or participating in video conferences.  We might focus on particular expressions or phrases, different levels of formality or differences between written and spoken English.  General English will involve practising listening, speaking, reading and writing underscored by grammar exercises.

I find that my clients often know a lot of the specific vocabulary that they need, but lack the linguistic framework in which to use it.  I therefore bring my linguistic expertise to compliment your knowledge of your industry and of the terminology used.

- Lessons -

I always try to make my group lessons participative and where possible, close to the real situations which students will face. This means that the students will be asked to present ideas, give their opinions, take part in role-plays or games. I find that this kind of engagement makes lessons more enjoyable and students are more likely to challenge themselves and get to learn and practise new words and expressions.

With your agreement, homework can be set and students can spend time between lessons preparing short presentations or other material to use in the lessons.

Feedback is continuous and begins straight away. In every lesson I will provide you with advice regarding your common mistakes and the aspects of the language which you need to work on. As the teaching progresses we discuss, adjust and tailor the course to suit your progress.

- Location, Timing and Price -

I am based in Schöneberg, Berlin however group lessons are normally held at your company or organisation's premises in Berlin or elsewhere. Lessons can be anything from 1 to 3 hours in length. 

Because every client has different requirements, I base my fees on an individual case by case basis. Once I know the type of teaching, and the frequency and timescale of lessons that you require, I will provide you with a quotation.

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