Writing - Proofreading, Copywriting, Translation

I can help you with various writing tasks including proofreading and copywriting in English, and translation from German to English.

I have experience of proofreading and copywriting for companies and individuals in Germany, in the fields of architecture, business and film-making / multi-media.  I also have extensive experience of writing professionally in the UK, as an architect and in an academic teaching role. The following are brief descriptions of what is involved in each type of writing:

Proofreading involves reading through a text which you have written in English and correcting it or suggesting amendments. This may be cover grammatical or vocabulary mistakes, questions of style or the appropriate level of formality for the context.

Copywriting is when you have an idea of something that you want to write in English but you don’t have the time or the ability to write it yourself.  This could be a text for a website, a report, a newsletter or something else advertising what you do. I can take a brief from you either in note form or verbally and then write something which describes your ideas in a style and length appropriate to the context. Copywriting and proofreading can overlap as sometimes a proofreading job requires a more extensive re-write and it can then become a copywriting job.

Translation is just that, translating text from German to English.

I like to work closely with my clients to fully understand their projects and their requirements. If you require any of these services, then please get in touch, we can talk about your project and I can provide you with a quotation.

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